Mr. Scanley Joe

NATIONAL Vice Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Nathan W. Biah, Sr.

National Chairman of the Board .

Ms. Elaine Blanton

National Vice President.

 Mr. James Yormie
National General Secretary

Ms. Yeah B. Dahn

National Treasurer.

Minah Carto

National Financial Secretary 

Mr. Stephen Paye


Rev.  Dr. Bleemie A. Zoewah

 National Chaplain

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new york chapter


pennsylvania chapter

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 Georgia  chapter

president Minnesota chapter

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Mr. john n. pearson

 president maryland chapter


new jersey chapter

Ms Nekewon Konah

President Delaware Chapter

Mr. Patrick Maimen

President Rhode Island Chapter 

Irene Q. Karbah


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north dakota  chapter

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Massachusetts  chapter


California  chapter

Message from the President Desk

As I think about our Association, I’d like to say it's an honor to have the opportunity to serve as your President. I’m grateful to the past President and Executive Council members who have worked and devoted personal resources to lend to the vision that makes UNICCO the strong, successful organization it is today.
I owe a great amount of thanks to the Immediate past president Mr. Abbaccus Nyan Dokie, Sr., who over the year has been an outstanding leader and colleague.
During his presidency, he put much effort into increasing how efficiently and purposefully the Association moves, and did so in a manner which was highly professional and caring. His work with the Association brought rapid gathering of ideas, resulting in timely decision-making which is important for many functions. In my few years of involvement, I have learned that the inherent drive and dedication of the Association comes from a history of nurturing by our past Presidents.
As I assume this role, I keep in mind the trust and belief I have in the Association. It is a group with exceptional aptitude and sense of service. I look forward to working with each of them and their committee volunteers to accomplish our goals and contribute to the overall mission of UNICCO.
In our current situation, public and environmental health professionals throughout our country currently face many challenges in a tough economic climate. Many of us have witnessed the disbanding of departments, and felt the effects of program cuts and budget reductions in both the public and private sector. As a result, we are limited or at times share resources while called upon to protect the public from health threats be it natural disasters such as Ebola, communicable infection, educational needs, and a multitude of other conditions. Despite these difficulties, we move ahead and perform at our highest ability to move this association forward.
One of the objectives of UNICCO in the face of such challenges is to further enhance our memberships’ collective ability. We will accomplish this by continuing to improve communications and strengthening mutual efforts. As these relationships are nurtured, the Association will continue to represent the interest of our Nimba community and present a cohesive voice while participating in advisory boards, committees, and legislative processes.


Mr. Dahn K. Dennis