Mr. Scanley Joe

NATIONAL Vice Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Nathan W. Biah, Sr.

National Chairman of the Board .

Mr. Abbaccus Nyan Dokie, Sr. National President

Ms. Felicial Blayson Kpou

National Vice President.

 Mr.Christopher P. Selekpoh
National General Secretary

Ms. Martha Bartuah Zuo

National Treasurer.

Georgia Kar Kokeh

National Financial Secretary 

Mr. Joe Nuahn Boamie


Rev.  Enoch Blasuwoa Gbor

 National Chaplain

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The President’s Message

On behalf of my very professional administration, I express our deep sense of appreciation and thanks to you for putting your confidence and trust in us and mandating us to serve you. You empowered us in New Jersey at the Board Conference held between August 29-31, 2014. Since then, we have accomplished some of the challenges we met. We sent relief help to Liberia during the Ebola Crisis. We sent Rice and Medical supplies during the heat of the epidemic. When we took over in August of last year, we learned that our 501 ( C) 3 status has long been revoked. My administration helped to restore this expired tax-exempt status. Our third most important achievement was to obtain a deed for a land in Liberia on which we intend to build a center for Women Empowerment, a new active and functional wing of UNICCO. Our fourth and ongoing project is to maintain peace and unity and to uphold the smooth operation of the Union. And that we are doing with everyone’s cooperation.

We cannot just rely on our past achievements alone. As we move into the future, we have other visions for the organization. We will continue to focus on the Women Empowerment Center until it is built and all operations at that center at that center begin. We will continue to nurture our efforts to maintain peace and unity in our organization. We will not relent or abandon the fostering the peace and unity initiatives. We will continue to make sure that each chapter of UNICCO in the USA is strengthened and has the capacity and the manpower to engage in collective as well as individual projects for Liberia and for Nimba County in particular. Some of the commitments we made during our campaign in 2014 will now move to the front burners. Our concerns for some of our Nimba clinics and hospitals and the healthcare support we talked about, will be given our immediate considerations. Education is one of our major visions in view.

Again, we thank all of you for your continuous support in these endeavors. Let us make UNICCO a strong organization like it has never been. May God Bless us and save UNICCO.


Mr. Abbaccus Nyan Dokie, Sr.


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new york chapter


pennsylvania chapter

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 Georgia  chapter

president Minnesota chapter

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Mr. john n. pearson

 president maryland chapter


new jersey chapter

Ms Nekewon Konah

President Delaware Chapter

Mr. Patrick Maimen

President Rhode Island Chapter 

siaka  a. kromah 

national youth director

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north dakota  chapter

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Massachusetts  chapter


California  chapter